Monday, February 11, 2013

Granite reuse

Good Morning All and Happy Monday!

I have been wanting to start a blog from some time now and share all of my random experiments  crafts and crazy ideas with the world. Up until now I have just been reading other people's blogs and thinking, "I wonder if people would be interested in the things I make." So, here it goes-and I hope everyone can learn something from my (and some of my husband's) creations.

I figured today was the perfect day to tell you about our latest creation. It's rainy outside and it makes the perfect day to turn on a good movie and do some creating.

Today, I will tell you about the tables we recently made. We just had out granite installed in our master and spare bathrooms last week and my husband was dead set on keeping the cutouts that were going to be leftover from the sink holes. He asked that when they installed the granite, if they could also bring the sink cutouts. We figured we should have them since the price per square foot makes each cutouts roughly cost approximately $100 and we could think of something to do with them. Here are our new bathroom sinks! We love them!

Well, this past weekend we thought of it-why not tables?

So-we went on a hunt for a bottom to our tops. Lowe's had some nice black metal mirror ball holders which were running contenders for awhile but we decided for the mirror ball holders at Big Lots. They were $20 a piece and are made of clay I believe. They are kind of a cream color and we figured if we wanted to in the future, we could add a bit of paint to them.

We bought two of these and wanted them for corner tables. To one we added a 1" block of wood (painted white) so that it would be slightly higher than the other.

Here is a close up of the granite:

To attach the granite to the pedestal, we used clear silicone. The one with the block required silicone under and above the block.

The tables all finished!

So, just keep in mind that if you ever have granite installed, you should keep the cutouts and make some cute tables. We have a third cutout we plan to use for an outdoor table soon.

Supplies required:
Gazing ball holders
Scrap granite
Clear silicone caulk
Wood spacer-cute to size of top of pedestal

Hope you get some great ideas from ours. 

Happy Creating!


  1. Hi,
    I have 2 round cutouts from the granite that we installed. But they are not perfectly cut.
    How did you manage to make the edges look perfect?

    1. When we got them from he granite distributer, the only flaw was the insert drillhole and initial cut. The edges I left raw-just how they came to m-but I am sure they would be willing to polish for you at a nominal fee.